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We Accept Dental Insurance Plans in Baltimore

Millions of Americans choose to find a dentist in Baltimore by insurance to make the most of their dental coverage. If you’re like most people, you have insurance through your employer, who may pay a portion of your cost of care. Whether you have insurance through your employer or not, you should be aware that you are ultimately responsible for your dental expenses.

How Can I Find a Dentist Near Me Who Accepts My Insurance?

Give us a call at (443) 863-6394. We understand that you need a dentist that takes insurance, so we serve as a partner for numerous dental insurance companies. We try to simplify your access to care by handling many insurance details for you such as filing claims on your behalf. With our team as your dental partner, you no longer have to wonder, “What do I need to know about how to use my dental insurance with a dentist in Baltimore?” We’re here to help you make the most of your dental benefits.

What Details Should I Know About My Coverage?

You may be most concerned about finding the answer to your question, “How can I find a dentist near me who accepts my insurance?” But, you also need to learn a few details about your actual insurance coverage. At Dental One Associates of Cross Keys, we’re available to answer our general questions about how to find a dentist in Baltimore by insurance. For more specific insurance details, you should talk with your insurance provider. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Do I have deductibles and are they limited?
  • Does my plan have lifetime maximums?
  • Does my plan have annual minimums and maximums?
  • Do I need to choose a primary dentist?
  • Am I limited to the number of visits I make to my dentist?
  • Are co-pays required?
  • Which dentist takes my insurance?
  • How long do I need to wait to undergo a procedure?
  • Does my plan have a clause for prior missing teeth?
  • Are dental implants covered?
  • Is Invisalign® covered?
  • What is coverage for crowns and bridges like?

The type of insurance you have is also important to know. If your plan is considered PPO, your insurance pays a percentage of your dental care costs. With this type of dental insurance, you’ll have greater freedom to choose a dentist that accepts PPO insurance. If your plan is HMO, you may have lower out-of-pocket expenses than with a PPO. You’ll also have fewer providers to choose from when you’re looking for a dentist that accepts HMO insurance. With both types of insurance, you’re likely to incur some out-of-pocket expenses. We may be able to provide programs to help you manage your costs.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Dental Health Partner?

When you’re searching for an affordable dentist who is committed to helping you achieve a healthy smile, you can rely on Dental One Associates of Cross Keys. Our team of experienced dentists and staff members is dedicated to giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your treatment. Call us today for an appointment. We can’t wait to see your healthy smile.

Dental Insurance Plans

We accept most insurance plans and will be happy to help you understand the coverage that you have.

We will do our best to see that you receive your maximum insurance benefits for all covered services. No Insurance? No Worries! See our discounts and offers here.

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Excellent patient care and professional, courteous staff.
Beverly B.
I have relied on your office for many years
David C.
The staff was professional.
Evangeli K.
I would select a 10, but can’t move the score.
Linda P.
Pleasant and efficient environment. Barbara is the best!!
Margaret O.
All staff were extremely professional and the exam was the most comprehensive I have ever received. Highly recommend this practice and as a new patient very pleased to have chosen this office.
D M.
The staff were very courteous and understanding.
Terry F.
I have been going to Dental One Cross Keys for 20 + years. The staff is courteous and professional. My dentist name is Barbara. I think she is the best.
Adrienne E.
Speed of service
Kirss G.
Great people. Little wait time. Educated me on the health of my teeth with the how’s, why’s, and alternatives.
Taylor C.
The customer service is excellent. Everyone is very courteous and Dr. Longley was very comforting and explained everything in a way that I completely understood. Dr. Longley took my concerns into […]
Deborah D.
Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable staff.
Gloria R.
Professional staff, aesthetically pleasing environment, Dr. /patient interaction respectful, informative and assuring.
Thomas J.
Great customer service
Timothy K.
This was my first visit to dental one but I really enjoyed the hospitality of Ms. Louise..her customer service was on point although i had to be referred to see an endodontist at another location.
Ida M.
Barbara provided excellent service and conducted herself in a very professional manner. Always displays a pleasant and contagious personality!
Doretha J.
Recently moved from Philly to Baltimore and searching for a new dentist proves to be quite apprehensive. I am a quasi certified skydiver, so jumping off planes does not scare me, but laying on a […]
Hanan B.
Excellent customer service, patient care, and communication with dentist and hygienist
Kathryn G.
The extraction was done without complications and staff was courteous.
Darnetta T.
Excellent care. Very helpful staff and dentists who are very skilled in patient care.
Marshall K.
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